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Chastity Belts Myth or Madness

In Roman times it was said that a recently married wife would wear a cloth tied with a knot covering her genitalia on her wedding night. A knot, a representation of her virginity, that would have to be undone by the groom before consummation of the marriage. Stories of the chastity belt date back to the Middle Ages; however, their use has come under some scrutiny in recent times. It was presumed that knights leaving for the Holy Land to fight in the Crusades would utilise these anti temptation devices to ensure the fidelity of their wives and daughters. The devices were first mentioned and drawn by engineer Konrad Kyser in 1405 in a treatise Bellifortis which depicted siege machines and torture devices. Historians have reputed that the device is and was an attempt at imaginative satirical humour as no serious mention of them has been found in historical texts. It has been hypothesized that the idea of the chastity belt was to conjure up a barbaric medieval period that had come earlier. Although in the past, museums such as the Musee de Cluny’s collection was once thought to hold a Florentine made device, modern testing found it to be from the 19th century. Other museums such as the British Museum used to feature examples of the device but suggest that it was more likely that chastity belts were examples of tasteless Victorian humour. The idea of the cumbersome metal device that is often popularised in the media came to prominence in the 18th and 19th century. The device often depicted with a large padlock has been used as the centre of comical relief. If the chastity belt was not a real thing why has the idea stood the test of time? Quite simply, male fear. In fact, the Victorian belief in the dangers of masturbation led to the creation of many patents for real chastity belts — for men. Paul Rushworth-Brown is the author of three novels: RELEASED APRIL 15- ORDER NOW Skulduggery- The bleak Pennine moors of Yorkshire; a beautiful, harsh place, close to the sky, rugged and rough, no boundaries except the horizon, which in places, went on forever. Green pastures and wayward hills, the colours of ochre, brown and pink in the Spring. Green squares divided the land on one side of the lane, and on the other; sheep with thick wool and dark snouts dotted the hills and dales. The story, set on the Moors of West Yorkshire, follows wee Thomas and his family shortly after losing his father to consumption. Times were tough in 1603 and there were shenanigans and skulduggery committed by locals and outsiders alike. Queen Bess has died, and King James sits on the throne of England and Scotland. Thomas Rushworth is now the man of the house being the older of two boys. He is set to wed Agnes in an arranged marriage, but a true love story develops between them. "A glorious read of a period well versed and presented with accuracy and authentic telling by an author who is as much engrossed in his prose as the reader he shares with...masterful and thoroughly enjoyable...5 stars." Adrian, Indibook reviewer ORDER eBOOK Winter of Red- Come on this historic journey, which twists, turns and surprises until the very end. If you like history, adventure and intrigue with a dash of spirited love, then you will be engrossed by this tale of a peasant family unexpectedly getting caught up in the ravages of the English Civil War in 1642. "A fictional, historical novel about a loving peasant family caught up in a 1642 shocking Civil War. Humour, romance, adventure and excitement are here to enjoy. A great story. "Dream of Courage- Soon to be released! The much anticipated story of the Rushworth family and their journey out of poverty. King Charles has been executed and England becomes a Republic under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell. Highwaymen, thief-takers, pirates and wool broggers tell the story in this mysterious and bone chilling historical thriller.

Chastity Belts Myth or Madness

Historical fiction told the way it should be! 

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